March 8, 2019

10 female creatives to watch in 2019

Lucky us. We get to work with some incredibly talented people – some well-known, some up-and-coming, and many happen to be women. So for this year’s International Women’s Day, we asked 10 of our favourite rising stars from the photography community to share how they see the world through the viewfinder. Get your Instagram ready – these are the ones to watch.

Annabelle Sadler

The mood I like to create through my work are feelings of joy, nostalgia, freedom, empowerment, and authenticity. I want to leave those who see my images feeling the way I do when I’m creating them.
I’m inspired by: 
Brydie Mack (@wolfcubwolfcub), Adrienne Raquel (@adrienneraquel), Yan Palmer (@yanpalmer), Brandie (@brandiewed), Kelianne (@kelianne), and @ming_nomchong_photo.  They each excel at bringing vintage elements into play through the use of film, colors, and styling. I love the way their photos could’ve been taken today or 30 years ago and it still holds the same energy.

Harriet Browse

Since I began taking photos, I’ve used it as a means to express my unspoken emotions. As a woman, I admire the sensitivity in other women, even in times when we have to stand up and take lead, we are instinctively compassionate and not afraid to connect to the whole spectrum of emotions. Through my portraits, I try to communicate those inner feelings and search for something unique in the characters and stories of the people I’ve shot.
I’m inspired by: 
Francesca Woodman. I feel a strong connection to the emotional issues she portrayed in her work with self portraiture. Photography has been a real source of personal expression for me and helped me to channel my thoughts and points of view.

Sol Bela

I always try to make the photos look cozy, I try to tell a story and make them look just a little but not too much vulnerable. I also like to add a bit of pastel tones to give them a touch of innocence.
I’m inspired by:
Nadine Ijewere (@nadineijewere) is a huge reference as a female photographer, she’s a hardworking person that I’ve been admiring her for years and now she’s the 1st Woman of Color to Shoot a Vogue Cover. I’m really impressed of her work, aesthetic and I love the fact that her Nigerian roots are always reflected in her pictures.
I also love Daria Kobayashi (@dritch) and Elizabeth Wirija (@elizabethwirija). I really admire hardworking girls that are making themselves a name in the industry

Sandra Ebert

When I photograph I feel permission to explore, get close to people and have fun with it. In those moments it’s less about thinking logically and more about following intuition. Afterwards when editing and selecting, I tend to choose the images that showcase some form of expressive freedom, strength or optimistic curiosity.
I’m inspired by: 
Lee Miller and her life story from model, to surrealist artist and muse, to fashion photographer, to war photographer for Vogue during World War II
Harley Weir (@harleyweir) and her incredible eye for colours, textures & sensitivity, both in her work for major fashion names and her personal art & documentary projects
Nan Goldin (@nangoldinstudiofor not being afraid to document her private life and share those intimate moments with us

Frangipani Beat

I love creating pictures that the eye can’t grasp at first glance. I’m obsessed by structures, lines, shapes and shadows. The origin of this was through photographing architecture, but has evolved into pure abstraction.
I’m inspired by: 
Diane Arbus. Of course Nan Goldin’s, Vivian Maier’s and Viviane Sassen’s works are always an exhilarating experience to take in and also deeply touching.

Ramona Deckers

When I shoot Polaroid photos, I really want that milky effect and colour – just like my coffee. And the imperfections that come with it are things I also love – I welcome the unpredictability from time to time.
I’m inspired by: 
Nan Goldin, Sally Mann, Diane Arbus, Corinne Day, Hellen van Meene. All strong women pushing the boundaries.

Lindsey L33

I like to create images that feel a bit like a dreamdisorienting, but deeply satisfying. I look for a flawless composition, an exciting subject and a meaningful setting.
I’m inspired by
Cindy Sherman (@cindysherman), Annie Leibovitz, Helen Levitt

Syndi Huynh

Eye contact is important to me. I like to highlight that in most of my work. With colour film, I usually try to capture pops of a contrasting color against some monochrome tones/ backgrounds. I also like to show the “behind the scenes” of millennial living.  
I’m inspired by: 
Elizabeth Wirija and Nadine Ijewere

Valheria Rocha

I like my images to look honest and be true to the subject, this usually requires my model feeling comfortable and having established trust between us.
I’m inspired by:
Charlotte Wales, Lois Cohen, Nadine Ijewere, Sofia Alvarez, Renell Medrano, Gia Coppola

Katie Silvester

Even in a constructed environment, I find myself drawn to the natural moments where my sitter forgets about the camera and just is, even for a moment. I like photographing people that aren’t afraid to be a human in front of the camera, and can laugh, cry, sneeze as and when they they please. A perfect location is just a bonus.
I’m inspired by:
Nerea Garro (@ngarro), Alex Leese (@alexleese), Siân Davey (@siandavey1), Sarah Eiseman (@saraheiseman), Molly Steele (@moristeele), Jocelyn Lee. Too many to list.