November 14, 2017

A Statement From Our CEO On Packfilm

Hello Everyone.

Every day we field numerous inquiries about packfilm – the legendary peel apart format Polaroid introduced in the ’60s.

We are all big fans of pack film at Polaroid Originals and really do wish we could do something to bring it back. Unfortunately, it is a project we cannot tackle in the coming years.

Bringing back integral film from the dead was a task that took 9 years and more investment and effort than we could have ever imagined when we started the Impossible Project in 2008. When we started our work on integral film, we had full access to the original Polaroid machines which we still use to this day. To tackle pack film, we’d be starting from scratch, investing in the design and invention of new machines and processes in a project that would take years to complete, requiring huge investments and resources we just don’t have.

It is a tough reality to come to terms with, but Polaroid Originals will not be working on packfilm in the foreseeable future. We will, however, be focussing all our efforts on our integral film and making the experience better and better for more and more people to enjoy analog instant photography.

All the best,