April 26, 2018

All Ears On: Dreamers

Article submitted to the Polaroid Originals Magazine by Nicola Phillips.

Nick Wold, Marc Nelson and Jacob Lee Wick are DREAMERS, an American rock trio with a loose, energetic sound. Their debut record, This Album Does Not Exist, would fit as snuggly into an early 2000s alt-rock lineup as it does today. Fresh from a tour with New Politics and The Wrecks, they talk to us about their favorite ‘90s cult flick, artificial intelligence and which song they’ve been covering as a tribute to Dolores O’Riordan.

Tell us about life on the road for the last few weeks with New Politics and The Wrecks.

It’s been an insane 8 week journey, crammed in a bus and partying with The Wrecks, crowdsurfing from the stage during New Politics sets. It’s really just a bunch of hardworking dudes who want to spread good vibes around the world.

Were you able to bounce off some fresh ideas together?

We get into some late night philosophy talks, honing our Jedi skills together. We got to share our new unreleased record with the other guys as well, and heard some of theirs.

What were first impressions when you all met?

We had met the Wrecks before at a festival in Texas last summer. Let’s just say we managed to get beyond tipsy together and hit it off, so we knew we’d be fast friends. New Politics as well were amazing and welcoming. We’ve gotten so much support from other alt bands in our touring years and this was no different. Everyone just wants to see everyone succeed.

Best moment(s) on tour?

The last night of tour happened to be on April Fool’s day in Toronto. It definitely went down with a bang. Pranks ensued, cherry-pies in the face, shaving cream bombs, TP and saran wrap attacks. I don’t think the audience was prepared for the madness.

Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo
Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo
Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo

Being heavily influenced musically by the 90s, how have you tweaked this sound for today’s audience?

Early ’90s grunge rock is probably our biggest influence. But we want to carry the tradition and spirit of great rock ‘n’ roll from the ’60s through the 2000s into the future. We tend to take that mindset and compose it in a computer, we use a lot of electronics to make a futuristic version of rock. It’s important to us that it sounds like it couldn’t have been made before this year or this decade.

What are some of your favorite throwbacks at this time? (musically or otherwise – tv shows, gigs, fashion, crushes, etc.)

We’ve been covering the Cranberries ‘Zombie’ and doing a tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan, that whole record is one of our favorite ’90s throwbacks. My favorite movie is ‘The Crow’ from 1994, and the soundtrack is a key element. Wild At Heart by David Lynch, early Jarmusch films, the original Star Wars movies, and Hieronymus Bosch if we’re allowed to throwback to the 15th century.

With technology moving forward so quickly, does the idea of things like artificial intelligence appeal to you? Or should we all just slow down a little and appreciate the present?

We’re very interested in the future and technology. AI is very soon going to become an extremely powerful tool, and possibly a dangerous one for humanity. I tend to lean on the side of optimism for it’s potential and am less afraid of the Terminator uprising. I think the biggest risk is people using for ill. Eventually people will likely create something AI that is totally sentient and aware, which is a fascinating ethical problem in itself. It gives me hope to think about the parts of the human story that are progressing, rather than the ever-present element of ignorance and greed which keep us glued to the past.

Taking a look at your manifesto, you’ve made some pretty bold statements! For one example, how would you say that you’re pushing the boundaries?

In all ways and all things in our lives we try to push the boundaries, and more importantly not believe in boundaries that people set up, or that we may set up for ourselves. It’s more of a personal daily method than anything. We felt like with a name like Dreamers we should explain what we mean, we want to be dreamers, thinkers, imaginers, and to always think bigger. In addition we want to attract people to us that want to live the same way.

Nick (Dreamers) with David of New Politics by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo
Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo
Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo
Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo

What have you recently made possible that you thought could never be made possible?

Just being able to live a touring life of music and not have a day job is a huge one for me. Another thing that’s changed for me personally is I’ve taught myself to not get nervous at all before shows. I used to get atomic crippling butterflies every time.

Being dreamers, what are some of your biggest intentions for the future?

We want to take this thing as far as we can, play a sold out show on the moon. Continuing to be more ambitious about music, and eventually spread it more into other mediums, I’d like to write books.

Thank you for the “Zombie” cover! What did Dolores O’Riordan mean to you?

She was a hero of mine. I discovered rock music as a kid listening to cassette tapes with my big sister, and the ‘No Need To Argue’ cassette was one of those magical boxes. We had already been touring covering ‘Zombie’ for 2 months and finished a studio version before Dolores passed away. Now it’s become a tribute and we play audio of her talking at the show. She was an amazing human.

What is your biggest nightmare?

Living a life where I feel I didn’t try my best to achieve what I want for myself and my loved ones.

Are you heavy sleepers though?

Oh massively. We’ve all always had really vivid dreams. I’ve practiced lucid dreaming, kept dream journals etc. A well-slept brain is a key to a happy life.

Dreamers by CJ Moy / cjmoyphoto.com / IG: @satchmo

Get your ears on Dreamers, plus tour dates and news via www.dreamersuniverse.com

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