September 12, 2017

An Open Letter From Our CEO

Hello, everyone.

This is a day that many people thought would never happen – one that marks the return of an icon. The brand that first invented instant photography in 1947, and brought the art form to the world, is back in the business of analog instant photography again. It seemed impossible, but here we are.

Today, Polaroid Originals launches as a new brand from Polaroid, with a strong commitment to analog photography and the spirit it represents. We launch with a new generation of instant film, support for the legendary vintage Polaroid camera formats and, most importantly, a brand-new camera.

40 years after Polaroid launched the original OneStep camera, we’re introducing the Polaroid OneStep 2. The original OneStep was the essence of instant photography – bringing the iconic white frame to a global audience with a fun, affordable and easy-to-use instant camera that was a bestseller for years.  Since then, the OneStep has endured as a cultural icon, and we’re proud that our new OneStep 2 follows in its footsteps to bring analog instant photography to a new generation. 

For us, this camera is more than just a new product. It represents our future. It represents the potential for analog photography to develop further as a medium, bringing people together to capture moments and create art.

It’s truly a privilege to be continuing Polaroid’s incomparable cultural legacy. From Adams, to Araki, Warhol, Haring, Maripol, Basquiat, Wenders, Hockney, Newton, Mapplethorpe, McGinley and beyond, the list of artists who have used Polaroid’s creations to express themselves is a capsule of contemporary artistry, and now we have the opportunity to carry that legacy into the 21st century.

This announcement today wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the project that made it possible. When The Impossible Project was founded in 2008, it had a simple mission – to bring Polaroid instant photography back. In the 9 years that have passed since then, a group of incredibly passionate people committed themselves to keeping a factory running, reinventing instant film and carrying the torch for instant photography. Today, we can proudly declare that mission accomplished.

And while Impossible the brand is wrapping up, the talented and dedicated team that made Impossible possible are already putting their energy and passion into Polaroid Originals.  Which means you can expect some exciting times ahead. And we hope you’ll come along for the ride.