September 11, 2017

Backstage With Vivienne Westwood

When it comes to backstage fashion photography the Polaroid SX-70 camera lens has seen it all. Last season’s collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and her husband was captured by The London Vagabond, a self-taught analog photographer with somewhat voyeuristic tendencies and a desire to document everything from the everyday to the obscure. A proper London Original, Westwood came up in the punk era of the late ’60s and ’70s, bucking the prevailing hippie trends in favor of rebellion, leather, zips, biker clothing and loud music. We gave TLV an original SX-70 from 1974 (the same year Westwood renamed her London store “SEX”) and a pack of Polaroid Originals SX–70 Color Film. TLV has been shooting analog for years, so the SX-70 allows him advanced control and flexibility. Once he’s calibrated his lighting to the environment, he patiently waits for the right shot to come to him.

“There are three circumstances which pointed me to make this collection.” Andreas Kronthaler explains to his wife and collaborator Vivienne Westwood, backstage at his AW17/18 showcase at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. “First, the Vienna Tourist Board is celebrating the centenary of the birth of Vienna Modernism. Second, my childhood bedroom, plastered with reproductions of Klimt paintings. Center pride was Danae receiving the golden shower between her legs – which was the favorite for many years. Third, were two children’s outfits from the Wiener Werkstätten. One is a felt two-piece costume raw-cut, decorated with alpine flowers and the second, a glorious little ‘Dirndl’.”

All photos courtesy of Vivienne Westwood Official

Polaroid photographs shot by IG: