November 13, 2017

Behind The Scenes With HBO’s #RepTheRealm

Winter may have only just begun in the Northern Hemisphere, but for diehard Game of Thrones fans, it already arrived back in July this year when the eagerly awaited season seven dropped on HBO®. To celebrate the release they launched ‘Rep the Realm,’ a seven-part collection inspired by the iconic series to pay homage to original creators within the urban streetwear community.

HBO enlisted seven streetwear designers who brought ‘Rep the Realm’ to life, including Carrots, Billionaire Boy’s Club, ALIFE, Dee & Ricky, 40s & Shorties, Koio, and V/SUAL. Each designer created limited-edition pieces that embodied Game of Thrones and its many motifs. It brought together top designers to create limited-edition, micro-collections made up of apparel and accessories celebrating the series’ themes of power, reign, rise and fall.

“Game of Thrones has captivated audiences globally for the past six seasons, immersing us in a world we couldn’t wait to return to week in and week out,” said Lucinda Martinez, SVP, HBO Marketing. “In celebration of the seventh season, we are proud to partner with seven unique designers who are creating collectible pieces of clothing and accessories that build upon the creativity and ingenuity of this iconic series to take the themes off-screen and into streetwear.” Lucky for us, instant photographer Alexander Laurent captured their creative process behind the scenes with his Polaroid camera.

Founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California, 40s & Shorties started as an outlet for humor. Rooted in a combination of 90s/2000s nostalgia, and today’s street-internet-pop-culture, 40s & Shorties created its own clever and unique lane. The lifestyle brand stays true to its no-holds-barred approach while still moving forward with their finger on the pulse of today’s street culture. 40s & Shorties’ micro-collection consisted of a limited-edition custom set, including a Hawaiian shirt, side pouch, and bandana, portraying Game of Thrones scenes and imagery.

Credit: Jeffrey Jacques
Credit: Jeffrey Jacques

“As a fan of the show, it’s easy to find inspiration from such a crazy series like Game of Thrones,” said Adem Niazi, Co-Founder and Designer, 40s & Shorties. “The complexity of the storylines paired with the quality of writing makes it easy to pull ideas for a collaboration. So, when we were approached by HBO to put together some special product, we immediately thought of a capsule that worked for us, the show, and the season.”

V/SUAL is a leading hard goods and apparel brand, founded by NY-born and LA-raised photographer Stephen Vanasco, Founder, V/SUAL. With Stephen being heavily influenced by the creativity he experienced growing up skating in the 90’s, he has learned to showcase this through V/SUAL as an outlet for art and inspiration. V/SUAL’s micro-collection consisted of five limited-edition skate decks which depicted the Seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones’ Westeros.

“Being a fan of skateboards being able to be hung as art as well as Game of Thrones I wanted to create a piece that mixed both together in an honest way,” said Stephen Vanasco, Founder, V/SUAL. I have always been a fan of multiple boards creating a unique art piece. The map showcasing the lands in Game of Thrones I feel is just as recognizable as the lead characters. Being able to showcase this in a way that is honest to both the show and V/SUAL was important and I think we did just that.”

Game of Thrones kicked off its seventh season on in July on HBO®. For more information, follow #RepTheRealm.

Polaroid photographs shot by IG: @alexander_laurent