March 20, 2018

Polaroid Photos With The BFC Fashion Arts Foundation

Original, innovative and creative – the BFC Fashion Arts Foundation nurtures collaborations between the world’s of fashion, film, music, and artistic talent in the exciting UK scene. We teamed up with them to capture behind the scenes Polaroid photos at the Fashion Arts Commission Cocktail Reception in London. A selection of artists from the BFC’s NEWGEN scheme was paired up with artists to create works that explore how their respective creative landscapes intertwine – and how they collide – making for an enchanting concoction of multi-disciplinary creations.

Liam Hodges x Nicky Carvell
Marta Jakubowski + Paula Knorr
Yinka Shonibare
Daniel Lismore
Richard Malone, Eliza Bonham Carter + David Cooper
Sarah Mower, Marta Jakubowski + Paula Knorr
Sadie Williams + Carla Busuttil
Samuel Ross of A-COLD-WALL* x Julie Born Schwartz
Nicky Carvell + Marco Palmieri
Richard Malone x Marco Palmieri
Richard Malone x Marco Palmieri

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