February 26, 2018

Master Your Monochrome: Black & White Shooting Tips

Chic, classic and timeless, our black & white film is a constant favorite for shooting Polaroid photography with an artistic touch. It captures moments in vivid contrasts of deep blacks and dazzling whites, and brings the shades of a scene to life (not to mention, it’s our fastest developing film yet!)

Here’s a few of our personal tips for getting the best results with black & white film, whatever format you shoot.

Photo: Akisome

Up the exposure.

Polaroid cameras love light, and they love it even more when you’re only working with shades of black & white. Before shooting, raise the exposure dial or slider on your camera slightly, and you’ll be able to capture every detail.

Photo: Ilona Cerowska
Photo: Catherine Edwardina

Light and shade.

Black & white film is perfect for capturing contrast, bringing compositions to life in a spectrum of glorious greyscale. Experiment with angles and framing to bring a new perspective to your portraiture and still life photography.

Photo: Marcin Michalak

Look up, down, all around.

One of the best things to shoot on black & white is architecture. It really unlocks the shapes and lines in a shot. Try shooting your walk to work from a different angle, or transforming a familiar view into an abstract composition.

Photo: Ouni

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