October 19, 2017

Ryan McGinley Presents: The #NewOriginals

You’re an original, so shoot with one.

Polaroid pictures are by nature playful, expressive and visceral. They bring out the secret personality in anyone: they have the power to turn regular people into supermodels, superheroes, mavericks and jokers. You can catch a subject off-guard or striking a pose, alone or with friends, instantly. Every time the shutter clicks, you capture a snapshot of the the original characters we all really are. Bringing people together, and being a medium for new and established artists alike, is something very near and dear to our hearts. This New Originals Project does just that.

To celebrate the new Polaroid OneStep 2 camera, Ryan McGinley is helping us discover the next generation of instant photographers. It makes sense: at the age of 25, he was one of the youngest artists to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. “For me, the Polaroid format is what opened the door for my photography and creating relationships with the people I photographed,” he says. “With a Polaroid, the moments you have and connections you make with who you’re photographing can be even more impactful than the one shot you have. I chose each of these photographers because I believe they have the creative expression to capture their art and make connections in that one shot.” 

McGinley is curating a series of photographs from emerging photographers Hunter Abrams, Marcus Branch, Rochelle Brock, Myles Loftin and Sabrina Santiago. We’re giving them each a OneStep 2 camera to shoot with.

Meet The #NewOriginals

Hunter Abrams (IG: @hunterabrams)

Marcus Branch (IG: @marcus.branch)

Rochelle Brock (IG: @fatleopard.jpeg)

Myles Loftin (IG: @goldenpolaroid)

Sabrina Santiago (IG: @_sabrinasantiago)

And all new originals they create? Those will be featured at an upcoming exhibition in New York City. Plus, we’ll be releasing a limited edition zine featuring their work. For the chance to be featured alongside the work of our #NewOriginals, you can submit one of your own images and enter our competition by clicking here.