September 11, 2017

Top Tips For Shooting Original Portraits

“Say cheese!” And by “cheese” we mean “smile like you’re being squeezed and trying not to show it.” Seriously, have these two words ever lead to a relaxed, natural portrait worth a thousand soothing words? We doubt it. To produce a truly original instant portrait we say abandon them altogether and let your subject’s personality do the talking. Catching people off guard is the fastest route to a fun and unique photograph that you’ll lover for years to come. To spark your own creativity, here are 20 original instant portraits that our instant film community has captured.

Photo: Nicola Delorme

Photo: Fusen Chan

Photo: Hector Pozuelo

Photo: Alexa Viscius

Photo: Alberto Polo Iañez

Photo: Urizen Freaza

Photo: Jessica Polar

Photo: Michael Schindler

Photo: Akisome

Photo: Savannah Scruggs

Photo: Erwan Bela