September 20, 2019

Peyton’s Unforgotten Memories: Infinite Tenderness in the American South

For Peyton Fulford, finding herself was about finding others. For two and a half years, the photographer traveled the American South to document identity and intimacy in the LGBTQ+ community. From Texas to South Carolina, she connected, created, and defined herself. In this piece, she revisits her project ‘Infinite Tenderness’ and the people she met through Polaroid pictures created with our new Polaroid Lab. 

Annie & Trevor

 “Annie and Trevor were the first people I met who identified as gender queer. I have a vivid memory of this exact moment. We had been hanging out on a large overgrown plot of land in Athens, Georgia. We were all tired from the heat, so they sat down together on the grass. I immediately envisioned this image; this is the photograph that set the stage for the series. It made me realize just how important it is for young people to have friends who are supportive and understanding of their identities.”

Rian & friends

“It was my first time meeting all of the people in this image except for Maggie (who’s the one on the left with red hair). The day was spent hanging out together, sweating in the Georgia heat, taking selfies, and getting bitten by mosquitoes. This was the final image taken after the sun had nearly set. The day ended with this beautiful soft light diffused over the field and the group of friends exhausted after a long day in the summer heat.

Graham & Summer

“I met Graham and Summer at a house party in Athens, Georgia. They were two people I knew instantly that I wanted to photograph together. I took this image of them at Arabia Mountain in Lithonia. From what I remember, it was a rather windy day and I thought it would be a perfect moment to capture them in an embrace.”


“The real impact of making this image with Trevor has had a lasting effect on me throughout the entirety of this project. We were hanging out in what I think was their cousin’s backyard and we’re playing around the trampoline. And I took some photos of them while they were eating a popsicle. And within that moment I saw a shed off to the side that was glimmering from the golden light, which was where this image was taken. It was a vulnerable moment for the two of us as we exchanged eye contact which ended up in this picture.”

Trevor in their bedroom

“The photograph of Trevor and their bedroom shares many facets of who they are as both a gender queer stylist and a drag performer – just by giving the viewer an insight into their private life. From the wigs to the sewing machine, you can gather what colorful and creative lifestyle Trevor lives. It was a beautiful experience to be welcomed into such an intimate space.”

Annie in their bedroom

“This image of Annie was taken in 2017. When I arrived at their house, they had this beautiful vintage coach in their bedroom which I immediately knew would be a part of the picture. We waited for the light to land just right and I took this portrait of them looking out of their window.”


“Some friends and I went to Marfa, Texas for a couple days last year. I ran alongside my friend Lauren who was riding a bike into the desert and we made this image together. I photographed her as she took in the vast serene landscapes surrounding us.”

Grace & Emmett

“Grace and Emmett were the first couple I photographed. This image was taken outside their home of a simple yet tender gesture with two people in love hugging one another.”

“As a queer individual living in the American South creating narrative portraiture of other queer people, I feel an extreme sense of responsibility. My hope is to bring light to more nuanced representations and to show that America is not just black and white. I’m attempting to find fluidity and capture the complexities that exist within this land and its people.”

– Peyton Fulford

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