February 27, 2018

Use Format: A New Way To Present Your Polaroid Portfolio

One of the reasons people love Polaroid photography so much, especially these days, is that it’s all analog. You don’t need your phone or your laptop to make something. You press a button, and minutes later you have a picture in your hand. It’s refreshing, and exciting. But let’s be real: most of us want to share those images digitally, too. And whether you’re an artist with an online portfolio, or an enthusiast with friends and family all over the globe, you probably want to show off your stuff.

That’s why we teamed up with Format, a fully customizable online portfolio platform designed to help you showcase your work. With Format, you don’t just get an awesome way to display your images, you also get access to an inspiring community of creatives. We’ve also thrown in some tips for scanning your Polaroid pictures. You know, because we love you.

First off, here’s how Format works:

–Choose a theme for your online portfolio site. They’re all responsive, and designed to show your work across all browsers, tablets and smartphones.

–Build your page layout with drag-and-drop tools. You don’t need to code anything, just put everything where you want it.

–Turn on your Store, if you want. The platform makes it super easy to display and sell your work.

And here are the best themes for Polaroid images, according the Format experts themselves:

Amazon features a vertical scroll and a tiled layout that lends itself well to creating portfolios that have an orderly feel. You can show a selection of images in a grid right on your homepage. And when it’s filled with Polaroid photos, it has a geometric feel.

Panorama lets you fill your portfolio screen with full-sized images. And with a horizontal scroll, Panorama is an ideal choice for landscape photographers, or photographers looking to tell a story with their images.

Sierra offers a collage-inspired homepage. It gives an overview of you work, while vertically scrolling galleries make it easy to show off images that belong to different series. And header menu moves along the page with the scroll, so it’s easy to navigate to different pages.

Beacon offers horizontally scrolling galleries with a generous amount of white space to showcase each image. It’s well-suited to display Polaroid portraits, or fashion-related images. Plus it incorporates text into galleries and on the homepage, so it’s perfect if you want to add to text to your portfolio.

Horizon Left is a pared-down theme with a horizontal scroll and minimal sidebar menu. With lots of white space, it’s great for giving each image it’s own moment in the spotlight. You can also customize the menu appearance and position.

Once you’ve got your profile set up, the next step is scanning in your Polaroid photos ready for upload – and to help you do just that we’ve collected together these Scanning Tips from our Photo Editors: 

High Resolution: Scan your images at a high resolution. The long edge of the image should be a minimum of 5000 pixels. This is the best way to make sure it looks crisp at any screen resolution.

Turn off Modifications: In the scanning software, it will sometimes have things like Auto Exposure and Dust Removal automatically enabled. Make sure you turn those off.

Use a Consistent Color Profile: We like Adobe RGB space, but you can choose whatever you prefer. The most important thing is that you scan all the images you want to display together under the same specifications. (You can find this setting under Configuration/Color when using the scanner in professional or expert mode.)

We also asked a couple of instant photographers from the Format community what it is they like about using the platform to display their Polaroid work.

“Format makes it super easy to display my work. The layout options make it easy to personalize to your liking.” – Zhamak Fullad

“I use Format because it’s easy to set up a professional, efficient, and attractive website. It’s a really enjoyable and easy viewing experience; something that is important to me when I present my work to clients.” – Lexie Alley

Want to try Format? Polaroid Originals users can sign up for a special extended trial or head over to our IG feed and enter to win a free 1-year Pro subscription to Format.  

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Competition closes March 1, the winner will be selected by the Format team and announced on March 2.

Good luck!